To be honest, recently has not been a good time for me. I'm very stressed up as I just started a new YouTube channel and I really want and love to grow it but at the same time I started a new job, I'm worried about my future, worried about my loved ones and losing them. I love my parents and my fiance so much and it's tough for both of us but mainly because of people (I use that term loosely), interfering with us. Talk about pre-mature midlife crisis. I have never been this depressed in my entire life, sometimes I even cry in the middle of the night unable to sleep thinking, worrying and stressing about life. Yet, what can I do, what do I do about it? I tell you this much I do the best of my abilities that I promise you. Despite these set backs every day in my life is business as usual I do what I do, I practice my profession, I work on art in hopes to make money for my future to support my love ones. What can I do when life just decides to shit in my face and roll out a carpet of pins, blades and set the fucking path of your life on fire just to make things difficult for me? I keep going, I dont know what lies ahead or how my path will end, by I keep going, I dont know what else to do. Ending the journey is not my nature, going back is not an option (unless someone invents a time machine). I dont know what to do I just do what I can and in hopes that life would just give me a fucking break. Im not asking for attention or sympathy - I just feel like talking because if I have to walk barefooted on a sea of fire, it would be nice to have company. Someone to talk to, someone to share they're pain. :) 



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